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    520429 - YOGA WORKSHOPS

    This one day workshop incorporates both yoga as well as a slime making workshop! The yoga session is an introductory course for beginners where students will learn basic poses and calming techniques while increasing their strength and flexibility. Stories and games will be included to enhance the experience. Yoga mats will be provided. Participants should bring a water bottle. Note: to make the slime, we may be using school or PVA glue, baby power, acrylic paint, food coloring, lotion, shaving cream, as well as laundry detergent. Class requires 2 business days notification to cancel.

    This exciting one day workshop is a combination of Yoga and Superhero-themed activities. In the first hour, participants will enjoy superhero activities including wearing superhero party masks and temporary tattoos to dress up as a superhero, choosing their own superpowers and making superhero crafts. Then participants will enjoy a second hour of Yoga instruction where they will enhance their flexibility and strength and learn a variety of yoga poses, or mudras, while playing fun yoga games. Yoga mats will be provided. Participants should bring a water bottle. Younger children must be fully potty trained. Class requires 2 business days notification to cancel.

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    520429-AYoga and Slime Workshop7 years to under 11 yearsF09/20/19- 09/20/19 6:30P- 8:30P$30/$38Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    520429-BYoga and Super Hero Workshop7 years to under 12 yearsF10/18/19- 10/18/19 6:30P- 8:30P$30/$38Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    520654 - SLIME TIME

    Let’s create some SLIME together! Each partici-pant will go home with their own bag of slime.

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    520654-ASlime Time6 years to under 11 yearsF10/04/19- 10/04/19 6:30P- 7:30P$15/$20Lagrange Rec CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    520658 - CHESS

    Learn to play chess or improve your game. This program is designed to be maximally conducive to the student’s chess growth, as well as providing a safe, stimulating, and positive structured learning environment.

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    520658-AChess6 years to under 14 yearsSa09/07/19- 10/12/19 9:30A- 10:30A$77/$87Lagrange Park Rec CenterNo Wishlist availableItem DetailsCancelledRead Notice
    520658-BChess6 years to under 14 yearsSa10/19/19- 11/23/19 9:30A- 10:30A$77/$87Lagrange Park Rec CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    520661 - BRICKS 4 KIDZ

    Join us on an adventurous journey through space! Build a world where rebels and the dark side start epic battles. Participants will learn about real-life space exploration during our engaging lessons. Using our proprietary project kits and model plans, they will use their engineering skills to build different moving models. We’ll build motorized models that represent spacecraft from your favorite popular space movie as well as models related to the NASA space program. Our one-of-a-kind models incorporate beams, gears, axles, motors & battery packs! Participants will also learn some of the science behind launching things into orbit, hear about the most-distant man-made object in the universe, and discuss what it is like to be an astronaut in space. We’ll provide the bricks; all you need to bring for this adventure is your imagination!

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    520661-BJedi Engineering: Mission to Space!5 years to under 10 yearsTh10/17/19- 11/14/19 6:00P- 7:00P$55/$69Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart


    Learn to create 3D games and challenge your friends. We will be creating games for the PC version of Kodu, Microsoft’s award-winning game design platform. Students will learn the art of rapid game design and develop an understanding of underlying game mechanics. Students can choose from 20 different game characters including flying saucers, submarines, and a Pac-Man-like Kodu character then use an interactive terrain editor, a bridge and path builder, and other tools to create their 3D game world. Kodu is available as a free download for Windows. Bring a USB drive on the last day or games can be emailed to parents.

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    520671-A3D Video Game Design8 years to under 13 yearsTh09/19/19- 10/10/19 4:30P- 6:00P$88/$114Lagrange Rec CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    520678 - THE WHOLE CHILD

    Do you love animals? Come to vet school and learn all about animals. Learn how to give pet exams, first aid treatments, perform mock surgeries and much more!

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    520678-AVeterinary Science5 years to under 13 yearsTh09/12/19- 10/17/19 3:30P- 4:30P$101/$131Lagrange Rec CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    520680 - GUITAR

    This beginner class will teach kids how to play and jam with their peers and having fun while learning! Along with playing essentials, students will learn guitar skills through playing classic pop songs. Essential guitar skills and basic note-reading are taught in a fun, supportive setting that allows students to develop at their own pace. Note: Bring your own guitar (instruments not provided).

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    520680-ABeginning Guitar6 years to under 13 yearsTu09/24/19- 11/12/19 6:30P- 7:30P$108/$140Lagrange Rec CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    530727 - ZOMBIE CANDY HUNT

    Join us as we hunt for candy and sweet prizes! It’s a twist on an old tradition - wear a costume, bring your own flashlight and a container for all your goodies. Must be accompanied by a parent. Early bird registration fee of $4.00 ends on Tuesday, October 1. Fee is $5.00 after October 1.

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    530727-AZombie Candy Hunt6 years to under 15 yearsF10/18/19- 10/18/19 7:30P- 8:00P$4Sedgwick Park, LGAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart

    570332 - MANNERS

    Looking to help your child gain the poise and confidence of social etiquette? Children will learn the basic skills needed to help them navigate in various social situations with ease and certainty. The focus is on teaching manners as a demonstration of kindness, consideration and respect toward others. This class offers the ‘other voice’ to convey the common courtesies that parents try to teach at home. Topics include: introductions, conversation, telephone and technology manners, writing thank-you notes, and table manners. Dress code (optional): young ladies-dress/skirt and blouse, and young men-khakis and collared shirt.

    Act and Dress for Success!! Teens will learn how to make a great first impression, give a proper introduction, properly use telephone and email etiquette, write thank-you letters, make small talk, use technology and social media (‘netiquette’) responsibly, and dress for the occasion. We will also review table manners and provide a dining tutorial. This class offers the ‘other voice’ to convey the common courtesies that parents try to teach at home. Dress code: young ladies - dress/shirt/slacks and blouse, and young men - khakis/slacks and collared shirt.

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    570332-AManners Matter7 years to under 12 yearsTu10/08/19- 11/19/19 4:30P- 5:30P$50/$62Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart
    570332-BManners Matter-Etiquette for Teens12 years to under 16 yearsTu10/22/19- 11/19/19 5:45P- 6:45P$60/$75Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart


    Encourage your preschooler’s enthusiasm for art. This class will introduce drawing lessons that will excite your budding artist. A vibrant drawing of a rainbow will introduce participants to the wonderful world of color. An illustration of an airplane will take them to new heights. A delicious-looking drawing of an ice cream sundae will delight those with a sweet tooth, and learning to draw a friendly lion has never been more fun. These are just a few of the many great lessons our students will learn.

    This class will present drawing lessons that encompass a fascinating world of color, pattern, and design. Participants will strengthen their marker rendering skills as they draw a detailed gumball machine. A drawing of a sandwich will make them hunger for more art. We’ll travel back in time to the age of the pharaohs as we illustrate a decorative, Egyptian headdress. An illustration celebrating the fall season will introduce our colorists to warm and cool colors. All this and more await your child in this class!

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    570333-APreschool Drawing3 years 6 months to under 6 yearsW09/11/19- 10/23/19 4:00P- 4:45P$78/$97Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice
    570333-BElementary Drawing6 years to under 13 yearsW09/11/19- 10/23/19 5:00P- 5:45P$78/$97Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    570351 - SIMPLY SEWING

    Learn to sew by hand. The object is to learn a basic life skill while creating a fun and useful item. Learn how to sew on a button, pattern placement, cutting and marking, measuring and construction of a simple project. Participants will be using needles, pins, scissors, rulers and a hot iron for pressing. All materials and tools are provided.

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    570351-ASimply Sewing8 years to under 13 yearsTu09/17/19- 10/08/19 4:00P- 5:30P$75/$94Recreation CenterNo Wishlist availableItem DetailsCancelledRead Notice

    570656 - TWEEN CLAY CAMP

    Make unique treasures from clay by learning a few hand-building, decorating and glazing techniques. The small class size allows for individualized attention by a professional art instructor. All clay, tools, supplies and firings are included in the class. Kids supply the imagination!

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    570656-ATween Clay Camp-Monday10 years to under 15 yearsM09/09/19- 10/28/19 3:45P- 5:15P$180/$190Village PottersAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsWaitlistRead Notice
    570656-BTween Clay Camp-Friday10 years to under 15 yearsF09/06/19- 10/25/19 3:45P- 5:15P$180/$190Village PottersAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsUnavailableRead Notice

    570741 - MAGIC

    Children are guaranteed to have a great time as they learn a collection of fascinating and mes-merizing tricks! Amaze family and friends with tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, “mind-reading” and more. While tricks may appear difficult, you’ll discover that they are quick to learn and easy to perform. All materials are provided and each child receives a magic kit to take home. Children are grouped by age and learn age-appropriate tricks. Brand new tricks taught at each class.

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    570741-AMagic Class5 years to under 13 yearsW10/02/19- 10/02/19 6:45P- 7:40P$21/$26Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart


    Come express yourself in this fun new class - it’s all about EMOJIs! Each girl will decorate an emoji themed canvas drawstring bag with paints, stamps and jewels/embellishments. You will then design a beautiful beaded crystal bracelet with an emoji accent charm of your choice. We will then polish your pretty nails with an assortment of emoji nail stickers/design. Then get crazy with a fun dance party! Come with friends! Last day to cancel is 9/23.

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    570749-AAll About Emojis Dance Party4 years to under 11 yearsF09/27/19- 09/27/19 6:00P- 7:30P$31/$39Recreation CenterAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Item DetailsAvailableAdd to Cart


    Girls will have a great time learning simple cheers, partner stunts and an awesome pom routine. No experience necessary. Bring your strong voice and enthusiastic spirit! If you have taken our class in the past, rest assured that we will have a completely different program this time around. Each participant will need a set of poms by the second class. We will have inexpensive poms available for the purchase in class.

    Girls, bring your American Girl doll or any other similar sized doll to this awesome class. We will be designing adorable outfits to celebrate autumn. This class will also include holiday themed jewelry making. Your fun wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the hair salon, where you will find a variety of hair clips and ribbons perfect for any Fall Festival celebration.

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    570760-APom & Cheer4 years to under 11 yearsF09/13/19- 10/11/19 5:30P- 6:15P$62/$77Grand Ave Community CenterNo Wishlist availableItem DetailsCancelledRead Notice
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